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Huawei delivers a total of 2.6 GW of solar inverters to Malaysia

Huawei has stated that it has delivered a total of 2.6 gigawatts (GW) of solar inverters to Malaysia so far.

This means that the inverters will generate about 3.9 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually to support the country’s latest National Energy Transition Roadmap.

According to Huawei Digital Power vice president Chong Chern Peng, the company works together with Malaysian partners in the renewable energy sector by using digital technologies.

“To drive the adoption of renewable energy, Huawei continues to invest in green power for the intelligent world. By embedding our artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into photovoltaic systems, we have increased energy yields by 3% over traditional solutions, increasing the viability of solar power as a major power source,” he was quoted as saying.

Stating that Malaysia needs to focus on unleashing the green connection, he stressed on computing and storage capacity by building green, simple, smart, and reliable data centres, a local report mentioned.

Peng also highlighted the need for collaboration and cooperation to build a sustainable digital world.

Recently, Malaysia was ranked first in Southeast Asia and 35th in the world on the Energy Transition Index by the World Economic Forum.


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