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Huawei showcases its solar power solutions in Port Harcourt

Global technology company, Huawei, has unveiled smart solar products to power industries, businesses and residential homes in Nigeria.

Unveiling the smart solar power products called Fusionsolar in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, the Director, Huawei Digital Power Nigeria, Mr Ni Zhilin, said renewable energy was already a major source of energy across the world.

Zhilin, who noted that Nigeria remains the largest generator importer, stated that with the price of diesel jumping from N280 per litre in 2022 to N1300 per litre in 2024, it has become necessary for Nigerians to embrace solar energy solution.

“Renewable energy is becoming a major source of energy across the world. Renewables provided 28 per cent of energy in 2020, and it’s projected to provide 67 per cent in 2030 and 91 per cent in 2050.The era of photovoltaic is here. The demand for photovoltaic and energy storage will usher in rapid growth and have huge potential.Nigeria has huge market and growth potential. Huawei’s dream is to bring renewable energy to every person and everywhere.” he said.

Also speaking, the Solution Manager, Huawei Digital Nigeria, Mr. Jeremiah Ejiroghene Aminode, in his presentation said Huawei was already powering over 2.7 million homes across the world with its smart solar products.

Aminode stated that the Huawei smart inverters and batteries have 5-10years warranty with the  capacity as high as 2MWh for industrial and commercial use, and as low as 5KWh for residential homes.

On the benefits of Huawei solar products, he mentioned “Easy and quick installations, beautifully designed and has the capacity to power residential homes, banks, hotels, schools, factories, industries, communities and even an entire state.“No power cut, no fuel, no extra cost for maintenance of generators. No pollution.”


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