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Hype orders 800 kg/day electrolyzer as part of their green hydrogen network partnership

As part of its strategic alliance with Hype, McPhy has received a second order. As a leader in light and heavy hydrogen mobility, Hype has chosen McPhy once again to accelerate the rollout of its green hydrogen distribution network.

McPhy described the fundamentals of this new system in a news release on 14 December.

This earlier-than-anticipated second order with Hype comprises a second alkaline electrolyzer of 2 to 4 MW and a second large capacity Dual Pressure 800 kg/day. They will be set up in the Paris area.

This new order is a result of the strategic cooperation announced by McPhy and Hype at the conclusion of 2021. It will be completed in the future months by four additional stations with a daily capacity of 800 kilograms, pending confirmation of certain subsidies requested by Hype in 2021.

“The signing of this second order is the culmination of our collaboration with Hype to support the deployment of its green hydrogen distribution network. As a supplier of hydrogen production and distribution solutions for zero-emission mobility, we are delighted with this co-development approach,” stated Jean-Baptiste Lucas, CEO of McPhy.

The development of a co-exclusive framework agreement by the end of 2022 between Hype and McPhy is anticipated to generate additional economic prospects. This deal stipulates that Hype will deploy a minimum of 100 stations in France and Europe by the end of 2025, with 50 percent assigned to McPhy, and 15 to 25 MW of alkaline electrolysis.

“This new order from McPhy is a perfect illustration of Hype’s strategy, which is to accelerate the deployment of a series of stations that will enable us to rapidly put into service a green hydrogen distribution network open to all uses: Hype taxis, but also other professional mobility such as last mile logistics, heavy goods vehicles and public transport. With this new order, Hype consolidates its strategic partnership with McPhy, an independent player and one of the leaders in the hydrogen sector in France,” commented Mathieu Gardies, President and Founder of Hype.


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