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Ib vogt’s 116MW solar project enters commercial operation in Malaysia

Ib vogt has entered into a commercial operation of 116MW Coara Marang Solar Project in Malaysia.

This solar project has a 21-year power purchase agreement with Malaysia’s largest electricity utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad. The project is located in the north east peninsular of Malaysia.

According to the company, this is the largest project developed by it in the region. The project is reported to have an output of 230GWh per year.

It further informed that this is also the first project in Malaysia to include bifacial modules and an elevated tracker system.

According to a local report, the project was developed under the third round of the Large Scale Solar scheme. It was conducted in conjunction with Ib vogt’s Malaysian joint venture partner Coara Solar.

To be noted, the scheme was introduced by the Malaysian government in 2019 to increase the share of renewable energy. The country has set a target to take the installed energy mix from 2% to 31% by 2025.

Anton Milner, managing director of Ib vogt commented, “Malaysia is a market with huge renewable energy potential, and this brings us one step closer to our mission of powering the energy transition.”

Besides this project, the company has been working in partnership with ACEN through a joint venture to develop 1GW of renewables capacity across Asian markets.


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