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Ib Vogt signs vPPAs in the Spanish market

International solar developer Ib Vogt has signed a virtual PPA with both Thermo Fisher Scientific and Eurofins Scientific for a capacity of 91MW and 36MW, respectively. The contracted capacity will be sourced from the 174MWp Serbal solar power plant, which was developed and will be constructed by Ib Vogt in Spain. Electricity produced from the remaining capacity of the solar farm will be traded on the wholesale market.

The vPPA will provide 100% renewable energy to over half of Thermo Fisher’s continental European sites, a significant step towards the company’s Net Zero goal. The agreement will come into effect in early 2025 once the project has reached its commercial operations date. The Serbal solar farm, located west of Segovia, Castile and León, will produce approximately 328GWh of clean solar electricity per year, utilising a state-of-the-art design with a single-axis tracking system and bifacial modules, the developer said.

The project provides the clean energy equivalent of the consumption of 83,000 households and avoids up to 71,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year for its 30-year lifetime, it added.

Anton Milner, chief executive of Ib Vogt, said: "We want to thank everyone involved with the realisation of this vPPA, particularly those at Thermo Fisher and Eurofins Scientific for working with us to move the energy transition forward in Spain. More and more companies are utilising corporate PPAs to achieve their environmental sustainability goals and we are proud to provide the required capacity. Through the projects in our pipeline, we deliver clean, renewable energy sources for companies working and the people living in Spain."


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