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Iberdrola and FCC Ámbito to build up Spain's first blade recycling plant

Iberdrola and FCC Ámbito are considering starting up Spain's first blade recycling plant.

Iberdrola will work through its PERSEO programme, while FCC Ámbito is a subsidiary of FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente.

The plant will be located in Navarre, in the south of the region. It has some of the country's largest wind farms.

The duo has formed the EnergyLOOP programme which will lead the recycling of components of renewable energy facilities. This initiative will also contribute to the energy transition and boost the circular economy in Spain, according to Iberdrola.

According to the companies, "the project is a strategic activity that positions the region at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, introducing the components of innovation and circularity and aligned with its regional specialization policies."

In its statement, it further stated that Spain needs to recycle or reuse significant quantities of wind turbine components before other countries. To be noted, the Spanish wind industry has more than 28GW of installed capacity.

"EnergyLOOP will invest in integrated blade recycling solutions while improving its competitiveness and sustainability through the research and implementation of new recycling technologies, "the company shared. It further stated that the industry will be able to absorb increasing amounts of waste and adopt increasingly efficient solutions


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