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Iberdrola begins commissioning of Europe’s largest PV plant in Spain

Spanish renewables giant Iberdrola has switched on the Europe’s largest photovoltaic plant in Spain.

The company has begun the commissioning of 590MW Francisco Pizarro project. This project is located between the municipalities of Torrecillas de la Tiesta and Aldeacentenera in Extremadura.

According to Iberdrola, this is not just the largest photovoltaic plant but also the company’s largest facility of this technology globally.

It has been informed that the Francisco Pizarro plant comprises of around 1.5 million photovoltaic modules. The plant will generate electricity to power more than 334,000 homes.

The company informed that the project has an investment of more than €300m.

According to Iberdrola, it will supply 100% renewable electricity to the renowned brands like Danone, Bayer and PepsiCo. These companies will use the generated power in their factories in Spain. For this, the company has already secured PPAs.

“These contracts provide stability to investments and have become an optimal tool for managing the electricity supply of large customers committed to accelerating the energy transition to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and who are dedicated to clean and sustainable consumption,” Iberdrola said in the statement.

So far, Iberdrola has 19.3GW of operating renewables.


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