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Iberdrola gets green light for Spanish hydro-PV hybrid project

Iberdrola has obtained environmental approval for the 86MW HIDRO Cedillo hybrid project in Spain.

Authorities have given the go-ahead for what is Spain’s first hydro-PV hybrid located in Cedillo, Extremadura.

Iberdrola said hybridisation allows optimising the use of the grid and minimising the environmental impact of projects.

“By having two technologies capable of alternating, dependence on changing environmental conditions and limitations due to possible lack of resources such as wind or sunshine is significantly reduced, facilitating more stable and efficient renewable production,” it said.

The company, which has recently announced that it will also build Spain's first hybrid wind-solar plant in Burgos, said it will invest in this technology in the coming years in the country with the aim of improving its renewable resources and making the most of existing locations.

Extremadura has become one of Iberdrola growth regions in Spain, with nearly 5200MW installed, 4100MW of which are renewable, including hydroelectric, solar and battery stations. 


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