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Iberdrola partners with Glencore and FCC Ámbito for battery solutions in Spain and Portugal

Iberdrola has entered into a partnership with Glencore and FCC Ámbito to provide lithium-ion battery solutions for Spain and Portugal to support energy transition.

The companies have planned to build a purpose-built facility for recycling lithium-ion batteries as part of recycling solutions.

It has been informed that FCC Ámbito, which is a subsidiary of FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente, provides industrial and commercial waste management services.

The partners have pledged to “provide comprehensive recycling and second-life solutions for lithium-ion batteries, both from gigafactory production scrap and end-of-life batteries,” the statement reads.

According to the companies, they have already assessed battery recycling capabilities and feed availability in both the countries. It was done in collaboration with the Iberian Energy Storage Research Centre. The location for the recycling facility is yet to be identified.

By 2035, it has been predicted that the recycling of battery materials could reach 35,000 tonnes annually in Spain.

María Kaifer, Technical Director and Head of Circular Economy, FCC Ámbito, was quoted in a statement, “With this collaboration, our firm continues to pursue its strategic growth objectives, which it has been working on, such as the development of recycling solutions for materials from the energy transition.”

He further added, “This is one step forward in our efforts to recover the resources that contain waste and to minimize the dependence on raw materials.


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