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Iberdrola receives EIS for construction of 375 MW PV project in Spain

Iberdrola is all set for the construction of a new 375 MW photovoltaic project in Spain. For this, the company has already been granted the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The PV project will be located in the town of Cedillo in Cáceres. It will be based on a communal farm owned by a large number of local residents.

According to the company, the project will have an installation of more than 576,000 bifacial photovoltaic modules.

The project is expected to produce more than 582,400 MWh of indigenous green energy annually. It has been reported that the project will be able to ensure clean energy security for 178,000 homes,

A report mentioned, “its construction will also boost the supply chain related to the energy transition with the participation of local suppliers such as Faramax, from Malpartida de Plasencia, which will provide the transformers. “

The project is likely to lead generation of up to 800 jobs during peak periods.

The company informed that the energy produced by the plant will be “evacuated through an encapsulated substation that also serves two other photovoltaic installations with a combined capacity of 100 MW and a hydroelectric plant of almost 500 MW.

Meanwhile, according to Iberdrola, it plans to set up the first solar community in Spain for an entire village in this municipality.

The company’s latest project plant is an addition to the 12 other photovoltaic projects currently being executed by the company in Spain. The company has the largest Francisco Pizarro project with 590 MW of capacity which is the largest photovoltaic plant in Europe.

The company has set a goal of installation of 10,000 new MW in Spain by 2030.

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