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Iberdrola's Stake Sale in Mexico Signals Commitment to Renewable Future, Accelerating Energy Transition

Iberdrola has successfully concluded the sale of 55% of its business operations in Mexico, fetching approximately $6.2 billion (about €5.8 billion). The transaction encompasses the sale of 13 generation plants boasting an installed capacity of 8,539 MW.

The majority of these plants, constituting around 99%, are gas-fired combined cycle power stations, with 87% operating under the Independent Power Producer regime and contracted with the CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad).

Noteworthy plants included in the sale, operating under the Independent Power Producers regime contracted with the CFE, are as follows:

  • Monterrey I and II: 449 MW

  • Altamira III and IV: 1,096 MW

  • Altamira V: 1,155 MW

  • Escobedo: 878 MW

  • La Laguna: 537 MW

  • Tamazunchale I: 1,179 MW

  • Baja California: 324 MW

  • Topolobampo II: 917 MW

  • Topolobampo III: 766 MW

  • La Venta III wind farm: 103 MW

Additionally, the sale encompasses the private combined cycle gas plants of Monterrey III and IV (477 MW), Tamazunchale II (514 MW), and Enertek (144 MW).

The 460 employees associated with these facilities will transition to a trust managed by MIP (Mexico Infrastructure Partners).

Overall, the divestment amounts to 55% of Iberdrola’s gross operating profit (EBITDA) in Mexico, inclusive of associated contracts and the 460 jobs linked to the operation.

Iberdrola will retain 15 plants, along with its private customers and a portfolio of renewable energy projects and pipeline, as part of its commitment to bolstering wind and solar assets in Mexico in the coming years.

The divestment aligns with Iberdrola’s strategy to fulfill its ambitious decarbonization goals and has received financial backing from the National Infrastructure Fund of Mexico (Fonadin), along with other public and private financial entities.

As part of the agreement, Iberdrola has signed power purchase agreements with the trust managed by MIP, alongside a contract for the provision of transitional services for the temporary management of the assets sold.


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