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Iberdrola secures deal for four agrovoltaic projects

Iberdrola has secured a deal for four agrovoltaic projects with a total capacity of 12MW.

The company was awarded the deal in the renewable energy innovation tender. This tender was launched by the French Ministry for the Energy Transition.

The four photovoltaic projects won the bid and received the maximum capacity of 3MW. It has been reported that the tender had the conditions like contracts for difference, “with the price per MWh being set for 20 years above the market value in order to compensate for the prioritisation of caring for agriculture and livestock farming, rather than maximising the plant's production,” a report mentioned.

The agrovoltaic projects have different purposes, according to the company.

For instance, a project named Kirch is aimed at improving animal welfare and the pastures used to feed the cattle where the panels are located.

The remaining three projects are known as Maubec, Lapenche and Solomiac. These all projects aim to improve agricultural land.

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