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Iberdrola starts construction of two solar power projects in Spain

Spanish energy developer Iberdrola has started the construction of two solar power projects in Spain.

The solar facilities are based in the Cáceres town of Cedillo in Extremadura, that borders Portugal.

The company informed that the Majada Alta and San Antonio power plants will have a combined capacity of 100MW. These two solar PV plants will generate power that is enough to power 45,000 households.

According to Iberdrola, the facilities will have around 250,000 solar panels in total. They can generate 156,000MWh of green electricity.

“The construction of this project has been a major technological and logistical challenge to ensure the minimum environmental impact on the surroundings of the Tagus International Natural Park, a protected area between Spain and Portugal,” Iberdrola said in a statement.

It further shared that Iberdrola’s total number of renewable energy facilities has reached 20 in Extremadura.

Meanwhile, Iberdrola informed that it has installed a substation encapsulated within a container with cables for transfer of the power to the grid. This infrastructure will serve a separate 375MW solar PV plant too, it said.

This month itself, Iberdrola has started the operation of 590MW solar PV project, which is said to be the largest solar PV plant in Europe.


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