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Iberdrola to develop first hybrid wind and solar complex in Spain

Global energy developer Iberdrola is all set to develop the first hybrid wind and solar complex in Spain.

The hybrid complex will be built in the province of Burgos. The PV plants will be located in the Burgos municipalities of Revilla Vallejera, Villamedianilla and Vallejera.

According to the company, it will be constructing two photovoltaic plants of 41MW and 33MW respectively. The plants will have installations of more than 170,000 modules.

The company further shared that the projects will enable the hybridization of the existing 69MW BaCa wind farm. It will be investing more than €40 million in the construction of the project.

Hybridization will enable the optimization of the use of the grid and will reduce the environmental impact of the projects. It has been informed that the incorporation of solar modules will boost the performance of existing wind facilities.

According to Iberdrola, it will continue investing in this technology over the coming years in Spain as it will lead to more stable and efficient renewable production.

Such projects will have a lower environmental impact as compared to the two independent plants. Besides, the hybrid generation plants use the same grid connection point and share infrastructures, such as the substation and the evacuation line for the electricity produced, the company shared.


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