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Iberdrola to provide power to Solvay through a new solar project in France

Iberdrola has joined hands with Solvay for a new solar project in France.

The duo will work in partnership to provide Solvay’s plants in Tavaux and Saint Fons with green energy.

It has been reported that the duo is likely to plan to sign a 20-year corporate power purchase agreement to sell the power to Solvay. It will be one of the largest installations in Europe as the plant will produce nearly 75GWh annually.

According to the companies, the solar facility will occupy 77 hectares and will consists of around 100,000 photovoltaic modules. It will be developed by Iberdrola Renouvelables France.

As per the agreement, 172 hectares of land will be used to build a ground-mounted photovoltaic facility, the duo informed.

“We are delighted to partner with Iberdrola on this clean energy project that will significantly reduce the energy footprint of our Specialty Polymers and Aroma businesses in France,” Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay, was quoted in a statement.

Meanwhile, Chairman and CEO of Iberdrola Ignacio Galán remarked, “Businesses are taking a leading role in the energy transition and this major new solar project will deliver significant environmental and economic benefits. We look forward to working with Solvay and to grow our relationship further in the years to come.”

The plant is likely to start operation by the end of 2025.


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