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Idemitsu and Tanegashima to deploy several solar arrays in Japan

Japanese oil refiner Idemitsu Kosan and Tanegashima Oil is all set to deploy several solar arrays and EV recharging stations in Japan.

The company will make the installations at the Tanegashima Airport in Kagoshima prefecture.

It has been informed that the solar arrays will supply power to the airport terminal under a PPA and to the EV recharging stations.

According to the companies, EV users can pick an option between renewable and grid electricity before selecting the energy.

A local media reported, “The demonstrator consists of a PV system with a capacity of 54.7 kW and three 6 kW charging stations.”

It has been informed that the system will feature Idemitsu's Idepass technology, through which one can have power selection option in facilities like shopping malls, airports, and government buildings. This unique technology allows to capture the flow of power generation and consumption in units of one minute.

“This package is scheduled to be rolled out nationwide from 2023. In addition, we are also considering commercialization such as sales and licensing of the Idepass system,” the companies said in statement.

The test facility will be at the Tanegashima Airport for four years.


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