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In Egypt's South Sinai, Schneider Electric explores clean energy cooperation for sustainable development

In a meeting between Fouda and officials from Schneider Electric, led by Sebastian Reyes, the company’s president for Northeast Africa and the Arab Levant, potential collaborations in the field of clean energy were discussed.

The primary focus of their discussions centered around initiating projects aimed at expanding access to electricity and facilitating water extraction for Bedouin communities. Additionally, there were deliberations on the potential expansion of agricultural greenhouses powered by solar energy, aligning with Schneider Electric’s commitment to supporting the growth of local communities.

The enduring and fruitful strategic partnership between Schneider Electric and the South Sinai Governorate, spanning seven years, has witnessed the successful execution of numerous projects. These initiatives play a crucial role in promoting sustainability, addressing climate change concerns, and mitigating carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2022, Schneider Electric unveiled the first phase of the pre-opening of the control center in South Sinai’s Sharm El-Sheikh during COP27. This control center, constructed and equipped by Schneider Electric, serves all cities in South Sinai and marks the first of its kind outside Greater Cairo, utilizing Schneider Electric’s solutions.

Over the past 35 years, Schneider Electric has invested a total of 300 million euros in Egypt. The company holds various assets in the country, including the Distribution Centre in 10th of Ramadan City and the Engineering Excellence Centre.


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