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India’s first green hydrogen offtake deal

Hygenco India, headquartered in Haryana, has signed India’s first long-term green hydrogen off-take agreement with Jindal Stainless Ltd, one of the country’s largest stainless-steel companies.

For twenty years, Hygenco will construct, own, and operate a multi-megawatt green hydrogen facility.

In addition, the facility will reportedly be the first multi-megawatt plant in Asia with a long-term offtake to be commissioned within the next 12 months.

The green hydrogen plant will assist Jindal Stainless Ltd in reducing its annual carbon emissions by approximately 2,700 metric tons.

The totally autonomous, state-of-the-art facility will be managed by a sophisticated energy management and control system. The system analyzes multiple factors, including hydrogen production, renewable energy production, states of charge, pressure, and temperature, and makes autonomous decisions in real-time to achieve high efficiency. The technique enables the corporation to increase the hydrogen yield and provide competitively priced hydrogen to end customers.

In India, Hygenco intends to invest over $300 million in green hydrogen projects over the next three years.

The widespread use and expansion of green hydrogen across industries is essential for India, which imports a considerable portion of its energy requirements. This will considerably advance the government’s ambitious National Hydrogen Mission, which calls for five million tonnes of green hydrogen to be produced by 2030.


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