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India’s Tamil Nadu could generate 1.8 GW nearshore wind power projects

After Southeast Asia, South Asia is seen as an emerging platform for renewables development.

India’s Tamil Nadu state alone is said to have the potential of establishing about 1.8 GW worth of nearshore wind power projects.

According to the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), a R&D institution of the Union Ministry of New Renewable Energy, Tamil Nadu has huge potential for wind power projects in its long coastline.

NIWE made such an announcement after going through a pre-feasibility report on the potential for nearshore wind projects in the region. Furthermore, it has been estimated that there could be a capacity addition of about 1.8 GW through with nearshore wind turbines.

“With minor modifications in the structures of the on-shore wind turbines of 3-4 MW, we can try to install them to the tune of 1.8 GW in four places. NIWE has already prepared the report and we are now talking to the district collectors to obtain NOCs for lands that could be used to develop the nearshore projects,” Rajesh Katyal, Director General at NIWE was quoted in a report.

India has a huge market for renewables, including both solar and wind.

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