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India to call 4GW first offshore wind tender

India is all set to call its first offshore wind tender off the country’s south coast.

The Indian government has already issued a draft tender plan for the same.

India is planning to auction 4GW of capacity in waters off Tamil Nadu. It has been reported that the government has sought suggestions from the industry before proceeding.

According to the local reports, under the draft proposals, “developers will be invited to bid to secure development rights across five blocks ranging from 655MW to 912MW in size.”

However, the capacity is likely to be adjusted based on final permits being granted.

In waters off Tamil Nadu, the sites are located between 10km and 39km from the shoreline in water depths between 20 and 50 metres.

It has been reported that the India government is considering a two-stage bid approach for this offshore wind tender. Out of this, the first bid plans to build a developer’s technical and commercial credentials while the second one is said to be a financial bid for acreage.

The first offshore wind tender is expected to gain attention of the global companies as there are interests in offshore wind development in India.

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