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Indonesia eyes 587 GW power from clean energy plants by 2060

Indonesia is planning to develop clean energy power plants to generate 587 gigawatts (GW) of power by 2060 as a form of the government's and stakeholders' commitment to reach the domestic carbon neutrality target.

"All electricity will be produced by renewable power plant with the focus toward variable renewable energy development," Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry's energy conservation director, Nyoman Puspan Dewi, said during a Business 20 (B20) webinar on Friday.

The B20 is one of the engagement groups of the G20 that seeks to provide practical policy recommendations from the business viewpoint to the G20 and promote collaboration between businesses and policy makers.

The G20 is an international forum comprising 19 countries that work together to handle major issues. Indonesia is holding the G20 Presidency this year.

According to the clean energy power plant development plan, which has been laid down in the energy transition road map, the government is aiming to build a 361 GW solar power plant, an 83 GW hydroelectric power plant, and a 39 GW wind power plant.

It will also develop a 35 GW nuclear power plant, 37 GW biomass power plant, 18 GW geothermal power plant, and 13.4 GW ocean current power plant.

In addition, in terms of pumped storage, it is planning to reach 4.2 GW, 140 GW in battery capacity, and 52 GW in hydrogen capacity.

"We are focusing on climate change mitigation through the commitment to reaching the carbon neutrality target," Dewi said.

"Super grid and smart grid technologies have become our model that can illustrate the chosen energy potential," she added.

The two technologies are key for improving renewable energy penetration and providing electricity to every island in Indonesia.


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