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Indonesia promotes rooftop solar with new regulations: Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources issues guidelines

In a strategic move to boost Rooftop Solar Power Plants (PLTS) implementation, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued Regulation Number 2 of 2024. This regulation, effective from January 31, 2024, aims to enhance and replace the previous regulation, focusing on the efficient deployment of Rooftop PLTS.

Acting Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Jisman P Hutajulu, stated that despite the existing PLTS Rooftop regulations falling short of its optimal potential, the new regulation, a collaborative effort of various stakeholders, seeks to address these challenges and improve the current scenario.

The regulation sets a target of 1 GW of rooftop PLTS connected to the PLN network and 0.5 GW from non-PLN sources annually. This ambitious plan aims to utilize Indonesia’s silica sand resources for the solar cell industry, encouraging growth in the solar module industry.

Key points of the new regulation include:

  1. Rooftop PLTS installation capacity is not limited to 100% of PLN’s installed power but is based on PLN quota availability.

  2. Capacity quotas for PLTS Rooftop systems are published by PLN via official channels every 5 years.

  3. Elimination of the import-export mechanism, focusing on the excess electrical energy’s value.

  4. Elimination of capacity fees for all types of PLN customers.

  5. Simplified application time and a first-come, first-served mechanism for PLTS Rooftop installation.

  6. Cost of procuring advanced meters is borne by the IUPTLU Holder.

  7. Application-based service mechanism for easy submission, reporting, and monitoring of the Rooftop PLTS program.

  8. Rooftop PLTS Complaint Center availability for customer complaints.

The government emphasizes transparency, efficiency, and increased public interest in Rooftop PLTS through these regulatory improvements. The Rooftop PLTS program aims to contribute to green energy use and raise awareness of energy efficiency during the day by maximizing Rooftop PLTS energy utilization.


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