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Infranity provides financing to Planea Energía to build a 141 MW photovoltaic project

Infranity, one of the largest infrastructure investment specialists in Europe, which is part of Generali Investments, has executed bilateral financing of 68 million euros for the construction of a portfolio of 141 megawatts (MW) of three photovoltaic solar plants located in Belinchón (Cuenca). The portfolio is owned by Planea Energía, which is part of the Rotonda group.

The transaction accelerates Planea Energía's strategy of reaching 650 MW of renewable capacity in Spain through the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects.

Infranity says it is “delighted” to support Planea Energía in this growth initiative, while expanding its commitment to investing in high-quality assets and energy infrastructure to support a low-carbon future.

“We are very pleased to support Planea Energía, providing financing for the construction of the 141 MW solar photovoltaic project located in Spain. In light of the European Union's commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, the capital needs to finance further energy transition are very important. Infranity will continue to contribute through investments in different renewable energy technologies, partnering with strong players throughout Europe,” said the vice president of Infranity's debt investment team, Garbiñe Unda.

The president of Planea Energía and the Rotonda Group, Ramón Penades, for his part, has expressed his gratitude to Infranity for the confidence shown in the Planea Project. “The support of a top-level financial player like Infranity reinforces the high quality of our team and our assets. We hope to continue collaborating and growing together in future projects,” he stressed.


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