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Ingeteam exceeds 3 GW in the Brazilian photovoltaic market

Ingeteam continues its firm commitment to the sustainable development of Brazil thanks to the agreement with QAir for the Serra do Mato Complex solar project, located in the state of Ceará. This award reinforces Ingeteam's position in Brazil, with a historical accumulated supply of 3 GW.

With the start-up of the solar park, adjacent to the pre-existing wind farm that already had 29 wind turbines in full operation, the Serra do Mato complex will generate a total power of 223 MW. The final phase of this ambitious project includes the integration of photovoltaic solar energy, adding a capacity of 101 MW. This combination of wind and solar technologies highlights the advantages of hybridization in renewable energy parks, maximizing efficiency and clean energy production, being a clear example of Brazil's commitment to a clean and sustainable energy future.

To date, Ingeteam has supplied its technology in the country to photovoltaic plants in such emblematic projects as those in Belmonte, Luzia, Lar do Sol or São João do Piauí.


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