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Installation Highlight: 129.6 kW PV System for Ruymor Industries, Torrejón de Ardoz

The Madrid installer Avantforce in charge of executing the project estimates the energy generation at 197,420 KWh per year. The photovoltaic project had a budget of 105,000 euros, the partners anticipate a return on investment of four years.

The Madrid company Avantforce installed a 129.6 kW photovoltaic system for Ruymor SA industries in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). Avantforce estimates energy generation at 197,420 kWh annually. Ruymor participated in this photovoltaic project, as a client, Avantforce, which carried out the installation, Iberdrola as a contractor, and the Valencian distributor Bet Solar supplied the equipment and material.

The installation has 240 photovoltaic modules of 540 Wp power, they are PERC technology and the Chinese brand JA Solar. The photovoltaic system also consists of a 100 kW Chinese brand Huawei inverter and the SUN2000-100KTL model. This inverter is prepared to work in three-phase installation for companies or industries with grid connection, and incorporates ten MPPT. The coplanar structure supports were supplied by German manufacturer K2 Systems. These supports are equipped with a circular rubber to seal the hole. For a steel substructure, the manufacturer offers solar anchors, which are equipped with a drill tip.

The project had a budget of 105,000 euros, in which the partners estimate a return on investment of four years. The project was subsidized with 21,500 euros with Next Generation Funds. In addition, you will have a 50% IBI bonus for five years. 

An Avantforce representative explained to pv magazine that one of the main technical challenges was finding the ideal location for the inverter in terms of accessibility and privacy, taking into account the factor of wiring length and possible losses caused. “ Also, the challenge of trying to achieve the compensation of surpluses with the distributor, without the need to adapt the industry's transformation center,” he stated.

Avantforce assured that the exorbitant demands on the part of the distributor have made the 'compensation of surpluses' unfeasible, since the requirements demanded for the adaptation of the transformation center made the investment unprofitable. Among the main financial challenges in the construction of the facility, the Madrid installer highlighted compliance with deadlines for material deliveries, bureaucratic procedures and execution deadlines, “to allow the planned and expected profitability ratios to be met.” ”.

“Our forecasts show a notable slowdown in the growth of residential and domestic installations that will be offset by growth in industrial installations, Energy Communities and collective self-consumption,” said an Avantforce representative.

The Avantforce Group, founded in Madrid in 2008 with 100% Spanish capital, is specialized in offering services and advice on energy and real estate projects. It has been a partner of Iberdrola for more than 15 years.

Ruymor is a family company that was created in 1959 in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), initially as a manufacturer of gaskets for the automotive sector, it soon began manufacturing sheet metal parts for other industrial sectors that, together with the assembly of equipment mechanics are currently the company's main activity.



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