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Intelbras announces the complete acquisition of Renovigi Energia Solar in Brazil

Intelbras has announced the acquisition of 100% of Renovigi Energia Solar from Santa Catarina in Brazil.

Intelbras is a Brazilian technology developer, and this is the company's largest acquisition in its history.

According to the company, it plans to expand the distributed generation of clean and sustainable energy to the people of Brazil. It has been reported that the latest acquisition is "part of Intelbras' strategy to consolidate itself as a reference company in the solar energy market. "

Altair Silvestri, CEO of Intelbras, commented, “Intelbras brings more strength and robustness to the solar energy market with the union of the two companies. The acquisition will provide the various sales channels and partners with a great opportunity to do business, further expanding the availability of products to the local market, benefiting the entire chain, which includes the final consumer, small, medium and large companies.”

On the other hand, Renovigi is a recognized name in transformative innovation through the technological development of photovoltaic solutions.

Gustavo Müller Martins, CEO of Renovigi, remarked, “The process of consolidation in the national solar energy market is taking place at great strides and the union with Intelbras is going in that direction. The sum of operational synergies and access to resources are key points for increasing our competitiveness and expanding our share of the Brazilian market. "

The duo has expressed hope to create more opportunities, innovations and security for the solar energy market in Brazil.


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