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Introducing Meyer Burger's Photovoltaic Balcony System Starting at 538 Euros

The package price also includes microinverters from Solarnative and other accessories for installing the plug-in solar devices. Meyer Burger sells the product with components manufactured exclusively in Germany through its own online shop.

Meyer Burger is now offering its “Balcony” plug-in solar complete package through its own online shop in Germany. It consists of components made entirely in Germany, the photovoltaic company said on Monday. Private customers could configure the “Meyer Burger Balcony” individually. The price for the cheapest model starts at 538 euros. When ordering a system with two solar modules or the balcony bracket and a long connecting cable, the offer price is currently 1019 euros.

The complete kit for the photovoltaic balcony systems consists of one or two Meyer Burger “Black 390 Wp” solar modules, one or two solar native microinverters “PowerStick Balcony”, the “IntelliGate Balcony” control unit with half a meter of Schuko connection cable. A connecting cable with a length of 5, 10 or 15 meters can be ordered as well as an inverter attachment and, for two modules, an inverter connecting cable with a length of 0.8 meters. As an option, a balcony bracket set from Wagner Solar can be ordered as part of the complete offer. It consists of two mounting rails and four balcony hooks and end clamps for a solar module.

The price includes VAT, whereby the zero tax rate is applied. Shipping costs an additional 39 euros for a photovoltaic balcony system. When ordering two or more complete packages it is 59 euros. The delivery time is currently around three weeks.

The installation of the plug-in solar devices is easy to handle thanks to a plug & play system. According to Meyer Burger, the systems can be modularly expanded at any time. The systems could be connected to any outdoor socket using a standard Schuko plug. The intelligent control unit from Solarnative monitors and regulates the feed-in power.

On the app, customers could see all the necessary monitoring and configuration options.

Meyer Burger offers a performance guarantee for its solar modules of at least 92 percent of the nominal output after 25 years. In addition, there is a 25-year product guarantee on the modules and inverters, the photovoltaic company continues.


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