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IRENA and Global Renewables Alliance join hands for renewable energy acceleration

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has joined hands with renewable energy trade groups to push for global commitment to renewable energy acceleration.

The Global Renewables Alliance and the IRENA have inked an agreement “to create a unified vision for a rapid, sustainable, affordable and inclusive energy transition.”

It has been informed that the partnership plans to ensure policymakers work to remove the obstacles that could hinder the rapid growth in renewable capacity. Renewable energy will be at the center of the partnership.

According to the organizations, they will work together on a series of position papers, policy recommendations and events, culminating in activities and crucial, action-oriented discussions, as per the reports.

International Renewable Energy Agency director general Francesco La Camera was quoted in a statement, “Now more than ever we must redesign international cooperation and enhance closer collaborations with major players to accelerate and scale up the energy transition.”

As per the partners, the new partnership is expected to lead voices of renewables at COP28 and beyond.


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