Japan comes up with first large plant net zero energy building

A Japanese electronics equipment manufacturer Oki Electric Industry has come up with a factory with net zero energy.

The industry showed off the communications equipment facility which is located north of Tokyo. There are solar panel installations on the roof which make it possible for the factory to keep operating.

According to the company, the complex has a floor space of over 18,000 square meters. This is regarded as Japan's first large plant certified as a net zero energy building.

It has been reported that it has energy-saving features due to which the power is not wasted, "including a system that automatically adjusts lighting and air conditioning based on operations."

Besides, it has been informed that there are advanced technologies to maximize efficiency.

Mori Takahiro, Chief Operating Officer at Oki Electric Industry, was quoted, "Production is the core of what manufacturers do. We need to constantly look at ways of improving it to meet the demands of changing times."

According to the company, it cost about 44 million dollars for construction of the facility.

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