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Japan, Indonesia forge alliance for sustainable energy transition

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In a landmark summit during The Commemorative Summit for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, Prime Minister KISHIDA of Japan and President Joko Widodo of Indonesia announced a pivotal collaboration, elevating bilateral relations to a Comprehensive and Strategic Partnership with a particular focus on green initiatives.

The partnership’s environmental emphasis builds on the progress made in various sectors, particularly in economic relations and cooperation. Currently, close to 2,000 Japanese companies, employing approximately 7.2 million Indonesian workers, contribute significantly to Indonesia’s GDP and exports. Japan’s role as Indonesia’s largest aid donor underscores their commitment to sustainable growth.

The joint efforts extend beyond economic cooperation to address broader environmental challenges. The summit highlighted a shared commitment to promoting the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” initiatives, addressing climate change, and navigating the complexities of energy transition.

This strategic collaboration signifies a shared vision for a sustainable future, where Japan and Indonesia lead the way in addressing environmental challenges. The partnership’s focus on green initiatives reflects a commitment to combatting climate change and fostering a cleaner, more sustainable future for both nations and the broader global community.

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