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Japan’s Kepco joins hands with Saitec for floating wind project

Japanese utility Kepco has entered into partnership with Saitec Offshore Technologies for the DemoSATH floating project.

The company has already inked an agreement with Saitech as a strategic partner and co-investor.

Kepco is the second utility to join the DemoSATH Project, as RWE Offshore Wind has already been part of the project. The collaboration is expected to drive innovation and accelerate the commercialisation of the floating wind solution.

It has been informed that the 2MW unit using SATH Technology will be deployed in a test field (BIMEP) located near the Basque coast. The project will be crucial to examine the technology and its potential for industrialization in offshore wind farms in water.

According to the company, the latest partnership could lead to new opportunities to drive innovation in the offshore wind industry.

Saitec Offshore’s chief commercial officer Immanuel Capano was quoted in a statement, “Our partnership with Kepco marks a significant milestone for the DemoSATH project.This partnership symbolises not just an alliance, but a shared vision for the immense potential of floating wind energy.”

Meanwhile, Kepco’s executive officer & deputy director of renewable energy division Kazumi Ogura remarked, “We will make the most of our expertise to contribute to the success of the project, and we are confident that our participation in DemoSATH will allow us to take a giant step forward in realising our goals and vision at floating offshore wind industry.”


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