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Japanese distributor Toho Gas to deliver hydrogen supply by 2024

Japanese gas distributor Toho Gas has aimed at delivering hydrogen produced from natural gas by 2024.

The company aims to start supply from a plant with an output capacity of 1.7 t/d. The project is located in Chita, central Japan's Aichi prefecture.

According to the company, this is the first step to supply hydrogen to nearby areas in the initial phase while it targets industrial users gradually.

The company informed that it will start with the 1.7 t/d plant and expand the capacity to 5 t/d or more. Besides, the company is also exploring the "possibility of using the plant as a hydrogen import terminal in the future," a local report mentioned.

According to Toho Gas, this "project aims to boost hydrogen demand with affordable prices by producing it from natural gas, as demand is a key part of establishing hydrogen supply chains.

To be noted, in Japan's upcoming clean energy strategy, it is discussing supporting the establishment of hydrogen supply chains in areas with potentially large hydrogen demand.

Meanwhile, another Japanese company Kobe Steel is also planning to start a demonstration of its hybrid-type hydrogen gas supply system, a local report mentioned.

The work is likely to begin in March next year in Hyogo prefecture which is expected to support the industry users with a stable and reasonably-priced hydrogen supply.


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