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Japanese railway Tokyu picks renewable energy for operation

Tokyu, the Japanese railway company, has announced that it powers its train operations by only renewable energy.

The company shared that from April, its train lines in and around the capital city Tokyo do not produce any carbon dioxide emissions.

According to Tokyu, it has more than 100 kilometers of railway tracks. The train line connects Tokyo with the nearby city of Yokohama, serving 2.2 million people every day.

"The renewable sources driving Tokyu trains include hydropower, geothermal-power, wind power and solar power," a report mentioned.

As per the reports, it is the first railroad operator in Japan to have reached the goal of zero carbon emissions.

This has been regarded as an important step for Japan, which aims to become carbon-neutral by the year 2050. By 2030, Japan has a target of achieving 36 to 38 percent of its energy come from renewable sources.

According to Japan’s Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, around 20 percent of Japan’s electricity is powered from renewable sources.

To be noted, Japan is the world’s sixth-biggest carbon polluter.


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