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JBM Solar to develop proposals for Chapel Hill Solar Farm in Europe

JBM Solar is considering developing proposals for Chapel Hill Solar Farm in Europe.

The company, a part of RWE, stated that the project will be located near Malvern in England.

According to JBM Solar, “the plans have the potential to generate enough energy to meet the annual equivalent energy needs of over 19,500 households.”

The project will support Worcestershire’s net zero carbon ambitions. It will offset around 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions over the lifetime of the project.

Development project manager at JBM Solar Bente Klein was quoted in a statement, "These proposals are an excellent opportunity to help tackle the climate crisis and deliver on local and national energy targets. The UK needs to rapidly increase its renewable energy generation to deliver on its aim to decarbonise the energy sector by 2035, and projects like Chapel Hill Solar Farm will help achieve that aim.”

Besides generating clean renewable energy, JBM Solar has also planned to deliver a minimum 50% biodiversity net gain. Furthermore, the developer has sought ideas and support from the local community to shape these proposals.

The company will further launch sustainable initiatives like rooftop solar on community buildings.


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