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JERA agrees to participate in Scarborough Gas Field Project

The gas field has produced eight million tonnes per annum.

JERA Co., Inc. has signed a sale and purchase agreement with Australian energy company Woodside Energy Group Ltd to acquire a 15.1% interest in the Scarborough gas field development project, with a total consideration of around $1.4b.

Located on the northwest coast of Western Australia, the Scarborough gas field has produced natural gas that is transported to a subsea pipeline towards the Pluto liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities. Scarborough gas is low in carbon dioxide at less than 0.1%.

The project is expected to produce eight million tonnes per annum of (Mtpa) at a peak rate, with JERA taking off 1.2 Mtpa of LNG cargoes.

“Solving the world's energy issues requires deep collaboration to tackle challenges one by one with reliable partners. I look forward to further developing our relationship with Woodside, a global player in LNG, and to promoting new initiatives to achieve decarbonization,” Yukio Kani, Global CEO and Chair of JERA, said.

Additionally, JERA and Woodside will explore decarbonisation initiatives and push for the purchase of six cargoes of LNG.


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