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Kenya's Power Play: Viral Buzz as Renewable Energy Sector Gears Up for Massive Expansion!

A renewable energy drive in Kenya has received a $46.39 million cash injection from the Trust Fund Committee of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).

This forms part of an overall $70m endorsement from the CIF to "advance the integrationand utilisation of renewable energy in the Kenyan grid."

The CIF says the funding will help the country in its goal of transitioning to 100% cleanenergy by 2030.

"This approval, as part of CIF's Renewable Energy Integration (REI) investmentprogramme, will support Kenya's ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32% by2030 and achieve net-zero by 2050," it said.

Kenya's CIF REI plan will support access to clean, adequate, affordable and reliable electricity in the country.

It is expected to mobilise at least an additional $243m from the public and private sectors through implementing partners - the African Development Bank and the World BankGroup.

Currently, the share of renewable energy in Kenya is almost 90%. This includes 45% geothermal and 26% hydropower.


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