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Launch of the hydrogen economy at Goondoowindi

Thanks to $2 million in State Government financing, the Goondiwindi region of Queensland is one step closer to creating a regional hydrogen economy, fueled by local sunshine and recycled water.

Steven Miles, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, stated that the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Goondiwindi is likely to be one of the first in Australia to expand into hydrogen production.

“The funding from the second phase of the $35 million Hydrogen Industry Development Fund (HIDF) will support this novel method to kickstarting a localized renewable hydrogen economy,” he explained.

“The solar energy and wastewater from a 2.5 megawatt solar plant will be used to make hydrogen, which will be sold to local clients, including agricultural and industrial users.

“Oxygen produced during the production process will be returned to the aeration of wastewater, boosting the efficiency of the WWTP.

It is feasible that other Councils will embrace the integration of these processes as a model as the use of renewable hydrogen energy increases.

The entire anticipated worth of the project is $15 million, with private sector funding now being finalized.

In the second round of the Hydrogen Innovation and Development Fund (HIDF), renewable hydrogen projects will receive more than $20 million to support hundreds of highly trained jobs.

The fund supports the 2019-launched Queensland Hydrogen Sector Strategy, which focuses on attracting investment and fostering sustainable industry growth.

The HIDF is sponsoring projects in Queensland that are centered on the use of renewable hydrogen for household purposes.


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