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Lego accelerates construction works of first carbon-neutral factory in Vietnam

The toy giant Lego has accelerated the works for the construction of a first carbon-neutral factory in Vietnam.

The new $1 billion factory had chosen Vietnam as a destination considering the major markets in Asia.

According to the company, the facility will consist of rooftop solar panels and a solar farm producing enough green energy.

Lego informed that it will use energy-efficient equipment and the factory will have a globally recognised green building certification when production starts in 2024.

It comes at a time when the G7 nations, together with Norway, Denmark and the European Union, have announced “just energy transition partnership” to help Vietnam attract more low-carbon foreign investment.

It has been agreed that the JETP will provide at least $15.5 billion to help Vietnam’s transition from coal towards clean energy like solar and wind in the next three to five years.

John Murton, Britain’s COP26 climate summit envoy and representative of JETP, was quoted saying that the agreement represented a “really substantive set of changes” in energy policy that would help Vietnam move on a “much-improved climate trajectory” towards its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

“There has been this growing understanding and agreement within the Vietnamese system that working towards a low-carbon economic pathway and a direct route towards net zero (by) 2050 was going to be in Vietnam’s economic interest,” he was quoted in a local report.


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