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Leipziger Energie progresses 440 MW solar project in Germany

Project developer Leipziger Energie GmbH & Co KG will apply at the start of April for a permit to begin the construction of the first phase of a 440 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project near the town of Borna in eastern Germany.

The planned facility, called Borna Energy Park, will be located on an area of 352 hectares along the A72 motorway. The project will be reviewed under a simplified approval procedure because the location is considered a privileged PV area, Leipziger Energie said in a statement.

“We have decided to further invest in a part of the project in order to start implementing the first solar systems as soon as possible,” Danny Wehnert, managing director of Leipziger Energie, noted in the statement.

The first construction phase should initially give project partners the opportunity to make additional investments in the energy park. In the next step, the project will be open to other investors, Wehnert said.

Currently, Leipziger Energie is co-operating on the project with energy supplier Staedtische Werke Borna and regional agricultural businesses.

According to the statement, the town of Borna is involved and should receive EUR 0.0002/kWh of the profit. Citizens will also be given the opportunity to financially participate in the project with smaller amounts.

In addition to solar power, Borna will also become a hub for green hydrogen production. In January 2023, funds managed by UK-based Foresight Group and its partners HH2E AG and HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc unveiled plans to build an over 1-GW hydrogen facility in the town.


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