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Line Hydrogen to develop green hydrogen production plant in WA

In order to establish a 100% renewable energy solution for the Lord Byron mining operation of the resource firm in Western Australia’s Goldfields area, Line Hydrogen and Blue Cap Mining inked a memorandum of understanding.

The Brisbane-based Line Hydrogen will design, build, and manage a sizable renewable energy generation facility and green hydrogen manufacturing plant at the Lord Byron mining site, which is located approximately 250 kilometers northeast of Kalgoorlie. Construction is expected to start in early 2023.

The renewable energy generation facility’s composition was kept a secret by Line Hydrogen, but it was said that it would be able to “produce around 49 GW of electricity per year” and be utilized to power the mining operation as well as produce green hydrogen for on-site usage.

The Lord Byron gold mining facility will be powered by green hydrogen, according to the firm, during non-renewable energy-generating seasons. Diesel-powered equipment, generators, and cars will also be replaced at the site.

About 13.2 million liters of diesel per year that would ordinarily be utilized during routine operations are anticipated to be replaced by green hydrogen and renewable electricity in the mine’s operations.

This is Line Hydrogen’s most recent project; the company also plans to build a green hydrogen-generating facility in northern Tasmania. The $100 million project is anticipated to create 1,500 kg of green hydrogen every day utilizing solar energy as the energy source.


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