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LONGi launches Serendah Module Plant in Malaysia

LONGi Green Energy Technology has inaugurated its LONGi Malaysia Serendah Module Plant in Malaysia.

With one step ahead in the goal of advancing solar energy market and sustainable energy practices, the company opened the plant in Selangor.

It has been reported that the plant is worth MYR 1.8 billion (approximately RMB 2.8 billion) investment. The investment symbolizes LONGi Green Energy's commitment to support Malaysia in achieving its renewable energy goals.

As per the company, the facility will have a production prowess reaching 8.8 GW upon completion of all phases. It will incorporate cutting-edge photovoltaic industry technology.

It is said that the LONGi Malaysia Serendah Module Plant also aligns with Malaysia's goal of being a hub for sustainable development in Southeast Asia.

According to Li Wenxu, Vice President of LONGi Green Energy Group, the new plant is a “testament to the company's commitment to fostering sustainable growth within the nation.”

As per Li Wenxu, "It's encouraging to witness Malaysia adopting our cutting-edge technologies, which propels its economic prosperity and solidifies our position as the global frontrunner in the solar industry."

He was further quoted, "Our investment in renewable energy is more than just a business decision; it symbolizes a commitment to a cleaner, more enduring future. Through continuous effort, LONGi Green Energy is committed to maintaining its leading stature in the global solar market and joining forces with Malaysia to co-create a brighter and sustainable tomorrow."

In addition, LONGi Green Energy has also planned to build Asia-Pacific headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.


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