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LONGi Solar at COP28: Leading South-South cooperation for global renewable energy transformation

LONGi Solar, a global leader in solar technology, played a pivotal role at the recently concluded COP28 in Dubai, participating in a high-profile panel discussion on “South-South Cooperation on renewable energy to promote global climate change response, regional economic development paths, and innovative models.”

James Jin, President of LONGi MEA&CA, shared insights into LONGi’s experiences in collaborating through South-South Cooperation initiatives. He focused on technological innovation and its profound impact on the global renewable energy landscape.

Also present at the occasion were; Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, CEO, National Solar Energy Federation of India, Chuks Umezulora, Co-Founder / C.O.O, Auxano Solar Nig Ltd and Xia Li, Founder and CEO, Solar Run and Power Solution.

James Jin highlighted LONGi’s unwavering commitment to technology research and development as a key driver for progress. In 2022, LONGi decided to invest a substantial portion of its operation revenue in R&D to achieve technological excellence for its upcoming products and solutions. James Jin introduced the newly launched Hi-Mo 7, a solar panel with enhanced performance tailored for the challenging Gobi deserts. Emphasizing the significance of technological breakthroughs, he stated that LONGi had set world efficiency records with 26.81% for silicon solar cells and 33.9% for crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells.

LONGi remains committed in driving down the levelized cost of electricity, enabling fair and just distribution of benefits for all. LONGi perceives continuous technological innovation as a catalyst for achieving clean and affordable energy solutions across various applications, from family homes to vast deserts.

During the discussion valuable insights were provided into the challenges and opportunities within the Chinese renewable energy sector concerning South-South Cooperation. The discussion highlighted solar PV as a beacon of hope, offering a fair and accessible solution to energy poverty in developing regions such as Africa and Latin America.

The discussion concluded with a reaffirmation of LONGi’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, pushing the boundaries of solar energy applications for the betterment of humanity. LONGi Solar aims to continue making significant strides in providing clean andaffordable energy solutions globally.


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