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Mainstream Renewable Power enters Chilean Hydrogen Association

Mainstream Renewable Power has entered into the Chilean Hydrogen Association.

The association is a group of companies which promote the green hydrogen industry to decarbonize the Chilean energy matrix.

Mainstream Renewable Power currently has a portfolio of 16 wind and solar projects in Chile, either in the construction, development or operation stages. These projects will generate more than 2.3 GW of energy.

Manuel Tagle, General Manager of Mainstream Renewable Power Latam, commented, “Today, based on the comparative advantages of the country, it is time to bet on hydrogen and green ammonia. As a company we believe that through joint work with the authorities and communities, the country has a high probability of becoming a global leader for the production of hydrogen and green ammonia”.

Meanwhile, María Paz de la Cruz, general manager of H2 Chile, was quoted, "From the association, we are very happy with the growth we have had in recent times, periodically adding new partners, which reaffirms that this new renewable hydrogen industry is consolidating itself to contribute to the acceleration of Chile's energy transition."

H2 Chile comprises public, private and academic organizations that are promoting green hydrogen.


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