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Malaysia’s Energy Commission fixes CGPP quota between 5 MW and 30 MW

The Energy Commission of Malaysia has limited the Corporate Green Power Program (CGPP) quota to between 5 MW and 30 MW.

The latest decision comes in order to maintain the maximum limit of applicants and ensure a fair distribution. With this, it is expected that more participants will participate in the program.

“We previously had a quota of 600 MW. This was increased to 800 MW. This means that we will have more participants. It could be overwhelming if we opened without a cap or limit,” Abdul Rahim Ibrahim, chief operating officer of EC, remarked at the briefing.

In March, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister had announced the additional quota of 200 MW for CGPP.

“It is also to give other participants more chances. We believe that 5 MW-30 MW is sufficient to cover the areas they have applied for,” Rahim further said.

It has been expected that the quotas can encourage the participation of small-medium and large non-domestic consumers.

As per the authority, it is the first round of CGPP program, while EC may expand its capacity for a second CGPP program in the future. To be noted, the CGPP is a contract between the solar energy producer and the corporate customer.

The EC has also encouraged participants to install BESS with at least an hour of solar power plant export capacity.


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