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Malaysia to bring policies for energy transition ecosystem

The Malaysian government has announced to bring appropriate policies for the development of the energy transition ecosystem.

According to Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, energy transition is very important as the country aims to be a carbon-neutral nation.

“The ministry hopes efforts towards the use of renewable energy (RE) will encourage all Malaysians to use more efficient and affordable energy. In addition to lowering the cost of living, it should also protect the vulnerable groups who are often victims of climate change,” the minister stated.

According to a statement issued by TNB, the company has an important role in ensuring safe, reliable and quality electricity supply to more than 9.66 million customers in Peninsular Malaysia.

Nik Nazmi was of the view that investment in electricity infrastructure development investment is crucial in line with TNB’s commitment in spearheading the country's energy transition by championing RE generation and implementing the Energy Transition Plan, the statement reads.

TNB has been putting efforts to switch to solar energy, hydro and generation technology using hydrogen and ammonia to reduce carbon emissions. The company plans to achieve a target of 8,300 megawatts of RE in 2025.

"The ministry realises that most of TNB's profits are used to develop the company's main assets to further strengthen the country's electricity supply system for the well-being of the general public," Nik Nazmi was further quoted.


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