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Malaysian state Sabah called to develop more solar power plants

The Malaysian state Sabah has been called to consider developing more solar power plants. The call came from Germany in order to address the power shortage issue in the Malaysian state. This call was made by German Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Peter Blomeyer during a meeting with Sabah Deputy Chief Minister I Datuk Seri Dr Jeffrey Kitingan. Currently, 80 percent of Sabah's energy supply relies on gas, while 100 MW is generated from solar power, a local report mentioned. "Since the construction of hydropower involves land issues, Sabah should focus more on solar power plants," he was quoted. Meanwhile, Blomeyer shared that many companies in Germany are willing to invest in East Malaysia. This comes as Germany has set a target to achieve green renewable energy by 2035. Besides, during the meeting with Sabah Forestry Department deputy chief conservator Dr Robert Ong, he underscored the need for a long-term study programme on climate change and the environment in Sabah.


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