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Mang Inasal Philippines takes steps towards sustainability with solar panels in some shops

Mang Inasal, renowned as the Grill Expert in the Philippines, initiates its commitment to enhanced environmental sustainability by introducing solar panel-mounted rooftops in select stores.

Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro stated, “In line with Jollibee Group’s push for renewable energy, Mang Inasal is taking initial strides towards environmental sustainability. We are grateful for the support of our franchisees in this important initiative, given our highly franchised model.”

As of December 2023, Mang Inasal has successfully implemented solar panels on the rooftops of its Sindangan and Molave stores in Zamboanga.

Hanzel Uy, franchisee of Mang Inasal Sindangan, emphasized that the focus on environmental responsibility not only provides a more cost-effective energy solution but also contributes to creating a better world for future generations, adding a meaningful dimension to running the business.

Uy shared, “In addition to the long-term utility cost savings, we take pride in contributing to a cleaner environment by harnessing renewable energy sources.”

The installation of solar panel-mounted rooftops at Mang Inasal Sindangan and Molave has resulted in an estimated annual savings of 48,000 kilowatt hours and a reduction of 34,000 kg in carbon dioxide emissions.


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