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Marubeni to join hands with the Philippines for Renewable Energy

Japanese firm Marubeni is all set for partnership with the Philippines for the development of renewable energy.

The company has expressed commitment to work on energy, water, and transportation sectors.

The latest development is followed after the Filipino leader met with Marubeni officials in Tokyo.

“Now, in addition to the traditional generation system, we are very much committed to increase renewable energy like mini-hydro, solar, and wind project and we are discussing with your country, our local partner to develop such kinds of new facilities,” Marubeni’s chief executive officer, Masumi Kakinoki was quoted in a statement.

As per the local reports, he said that the company has further pledged to enhance partnership with the Philippines in infrastructure-related business as well.

“We are very grateful to have [been] given such an opportunity to be involved in the basic infrastructure of your country,” Kakinoki was quoted in a report.

Marubeni has been engaged in different infrastructures, energy, even agricultural projects in the country.


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