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Masdar City unveils eco-friendly mosque: Estidama, a beacon of sustainable design and solar energy

Masdar City, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, has unveiled its inaugural mosque, named Estidama Mosque. Situated in Masdar Park, this 500-square meter domed structure adheres to the highest global sustainability standards, providing space for 335 worshippers in each of the five daily prayers.

Expressing the significance of Estidama Mosque, Eng. Mohamed Al Breiki, Masdar City’s executive director of sustainable development, emphasized its role as more than a place of worship, serving as a community gathering space dedicated to both environmental consciousness and spiritual depth.

Designed in collaboration with X-Architects, the mosque prioritizes passive design principles, aligning with the city’s broader sustainability initiatives. Features such as compact skylights, traditional Arabic screens for optimized natural light, and intelligent sensors contribute to the mosque’s energy efficiency. The building incorporates a low surface-area-to-volume ratio, an airtight envelope, and high-performance insulation, collectively minimizing the need for cooling.

In comparison to traditional mosque buildings, Estidama Mosque is anticipated to use over 50 per cent less energy. Solar photovoltaic panels installed on nearby car parking shades contribute to generating a portion of the building’s energy requirements. Moreover, the mosque achieves water conservation by conserving approximately 48 per cent of its water, utilizing a water treatment unit to repurpose grey water for irrigating the surrounding garden.

Masdar City takes pride in Estidama Mosque’s unique design, aiming to achieve Abu Dhabi’s first LEED Platinum mosque certification, the highest international standard for green buildings. The project also targets the Estidama 3-Pearl rating, focusing on the UAE’s environmental conditions and water conservation.

Looking ahead, Masdar City has announced plans for a second mosque, a larger net-zero energy building set to accommodate 1,300 worshippers, with groundbreaking expected in 2024. The city is actively involved in various net-zero energy projects, aligning with its commitment to sustainable practices.


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