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Meriaura Energy Lands Contract for Solar Thermal Plant in Lübeck, Germany

Meriaura Energy Ltd (Meriaura Energy) has announced a notable contract agreement with Stadtwerke Lübeck Energie GmbH for the delivery of a turn-key solar thermal plant in Lübeck, Germany. Valued at nearly EUR 5 million, the contract entails the construction of a solar thermal field spanning approximately 12,000 square meters and a thermal storage system to supply heat to the district heating network.

The project is slated to commence immediately, pending the receipt of a building permit by the customer. Construction of the solar thermal plant is expected to commence thereafter, with completion scheduled for early 2025.

Kirsi Suopelto, CEO of Meriaura Group Plc, expressed satisfaction with the contract, highlighting the company’s persistent efforts in Germany. Suopelto emphasized the significance of the agreement in bolstering confidence in the energy transition across central Europe and thanked both the customer and the Meriaura Energy team for their commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

The contract signifies a tangible step towards a more sustainable future and underscores Meriaura Energy’s dedication to driving positive environmental impact through renewable energy initiatives.


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